The podcast has a number of costs, including podcast hosting, website hosting, streaming services, movie tickets, and time. While the podcast is a labor of love, it also has a cost you can help defray.


The best way to support the show is by becoming a fan, sponsor, or patron at . Your monthly support of $1, $5, or $10 will make you eligible to directly interact with the podcast.​​

Sponsor Sundays

Patrons and Sponsors are eligible for Sponsor Sundays, where you get to tell the show which film to watch and review, subject to availability. Like your own private movie review service.


Not everything is about money. The show is looking for podcasting partners for cross-promotional opportunities, like features, swapping promos, and Takeover Tuesdays. Hit up the contact page if you are interested!

Music & Logos

The show knows movies, but it could use some help with its theme music and graphic assets. If you are interested in helping us out, hit up the contact page. We can work something out.

Takeover Tuesdays

Patrons and partners can become eligible to participate in Takeover Tuesdays, where you get to write and record the review for an episode, subject to guidelines.